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WoW Bandit - Version 1.0.10
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For Retail only
No further software is required.
Item Manager
Bandit manages all your auctions, purchases and sales fully automatically.
Create your own shopping list in no time.
Mailbox Manager
Bandit always keeps an eye on it here, too.

When an email arrives, Bandit makes his way to the nearest mailbox. Whether mails from auctions, from NPCs or another player.
Bandit will pick them up for you!

If you send Bandit an email with items that are in your shopping list, he will automatically process them in the auction house after Bandit has picked them up.
Easy to use
With Bandit you work simply and effectively.
A smart system takes over calculations and planning.
Auto Setup
Quick and Easy.
Bandit automatically adapts the Settings to your game.
Brief Insight
  • Auction houses and Routes
  • As soon as you are near an auctioneer, Bandit will notify you and show you the found route on the map.

    All routes are predefined and do not require any further configuration. No routes need to be created or loaded. Bandit will do all of that for you!

  • Profile Management
  • You can export your lists at any time. Importing a list is also quick and easy.
    All lists are saved across the account and are available to every character on the same account.

  • List managment
  • Each item on your list can be configured individually.
    In addition, you can make settings for the entire list, such as deactivating a feature.

  • Notes for adjustment
  • Bandit recognizes whether an item in your list is outside the scanned price range and shows you a corresponding message.

  • Tooltips
  • Each setting and menu is provided with a tooltip. This will give you all the information about the respective function.

  • Item Names and ID's
  • Add new items to your list with SHIFT-Click on the corresponding item or use the search mask.
    If the item is not in your possession, you can add it using the Item ID. To do this, use the search mask via the tool.
    Click 'n Go
    • Click 'n Go System

    • Fully automated

    • Standalone
    • No DLL injection

    • No RAM intervention

    • No LUA Unlocker
    Windows 10 (64-Bit)